new post. my daughter says i should post more. saturday morning. i want to invite you to listen to me sing about six songs and be interviewed on my favorite radio station on friday march 16th at 5 pm mst. click on listen live at its really nice here today so im gonna go for a bike ride when it warms up a bit. julies making oatmeal like she usually does on saturdays before her class. we dont eat breakfast together monday through friday. she cut up a winter squash which has been sitting on our kitchen table since before she went back east to see the kids and shes making soup in a slow cooker. i took my electric shaver out back and shortened the hair on my head. the neighbor boy saw me when he was taking out the trash. the way i was leaned over i think he thought i was throwing up but i havent thrown up in a long time. another work week under my belt; im over 1500 of those. im ready to turn it over to a young person who reminds me of myself when i was just starting in social work more than thirty years ago. julie said the oatmeals almost ready.