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    1. the concept of free will is too complex to consider in the middle of a work day.. but I will comment on working on two things simultaneously.. I find that tv in the background and music go together very well. the tv acts as white noise but also subconsciously you don’t take what you’re working on too seriously which I always find is the death of a song… I’m not sure if I’m being clear but sometimes if you sit down to write a song in a formal sense, it can be overwhelming. so I think it can work. go for it

    2. I wrote a piece at the end of 2017 for Charleston City Paper about musicians who passed during the year. I was supposed to keep the entire piece close to 1200 words which was a challenge. Some of the artists mean a great deal to me.

      And by the way I wrote the response to question about free will and Scott’s working on a song while focusing on basketball, not sure why it went in as anonymous

      1. really good article; thanks. got me to watch waylon and johnny cash on letterman and waylons grandson struggle and allman doing brownes these days; good to look back

    3. new post. my daughter says i should post more. saturday morning. i want to invite you to listen to me sing about six songs and be interviewed on my favorite radio station on friday march 16th at 5 pm mst. click on listen live at its really nice here today so im gonna go for a bike ride when it warms up a bit. julies making oatmeal like she usually does on saturdays before her class. we dont eat breakfast together monday through friday. she cut up a winter squash which has been sitting on our kitchen table since before she went back east to see the kids and shes making soup in a slow cooker. i took my electric shaver out back and shortened the hair on my head. the neighbor boy saw me when he was taking out the trash. the way i was leaned over i think he thought i was throwing up but i havent thrown up in a long time. another work week under my belt; im over 1500 of those. im ready to turn it over to a young person who reminds me of myself when i was just starting in social work more than thirty years ago. julie said the oatmeals almost ready.

    1. Just checking in with everyone, thanks for having me Scott. I’m back in school working on my teaching credential and it feels pretty good, if not a bit of a head trip being 30 years old in community college. The kids are me all over again, and I’m pleased to find I have more of a nurturing tenderness towards them instead of the cynicism I had imagined I would. Maybe I should give myself a break every once in awhile!

      1. thanks for typing gavin; really appreciate it; guess i was being grandiose thinking everyone would. i wish the newest comments would appear at top. i have my teaching credential too; taught two years and lots of subbing. like parenting, to be a good teacher is difficult.
        thats good youre surprised by your nurturing tenderness. please keep writing here

  1. IKEA furniture and Chinese food here in Philadelphia, wondering what being “finished” with my manuscript could even mean. Lately also feeling like an imposter, but noticing that other people feel like imposters, too.

    1. thats great about what youre doing in philly. whats the manuscript about? ya all imposters; some more so than others. i cut the lines of lyrics to new song up into strips so i can rearrange them. im hearing something with an accordion
      like a merry go round. my officemate got me a record store gift certif so i bought neutral milk hotels aeroplane which sounds very good on vinyl

      1. manuscript consists of poems about love stuff, feelings of anomy, memory, and other kinds of existential detritus. i could pass it along if you’re curious.
        you cutting up reminds me of a documentary i watched recently about william s burroughs. think it was called “burroughs.” good flick. i am a believer in the power of the cut-up.
        aeroplane is such a warm sounding album to begin with. I would imagine that on vinyl it sounds even better. Have you heard their Everything is EP? Worth a listen if not! looking forward to the remastered my bloody valentine vinyl reissues coming out soon.
        will stay active here when I can.

        1. dont know anomy; cant remember detritus. would you be willing to share some poems here? everything came out before aeroplane?
          thanks for staying active.

  2. listening to the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack right now with my wife and son while the baby sleeps upstairs. Both the kids are really into the movie right now. We got 5 inches of snow here in Charleston last Weds. and have been huddled inside watching the movie on repeat. Thanks for adding me to this group. I will try to post often.

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